November 3, 2015

Williamstown High School

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School Requirements

All items for the subject being attended are required for commencement of classes in 2019. To order, click on the Kit or Kits you would like to order and then either select the Complete Kit or you can choose the individual items that you may require.

Payment is required when placing your order via the secure PayPal site. Credit card payments are also accepted by this method

At CHECK OUT once the billing details are completed, Williamstown High School students can select Shipping ($11.00) or Warehouse Collection (Free) as shipping options. Please Note the School Delivery option is not available for Williamstown High School.

Please Note this year the School Delivery and Book Day Collection options are not available for Williamstown High School as there is not a Book Day next year.

If you would like your order delivered and the Shipping box has been selected, it will be delivered via Fastway Couriers to the address given with a tax receipt during the week starting the 14th of January 2019 unless requested otherwise by contacting Brian Davies either by phone 0393975241 during office hours, 9am to 4.30pm, or email

If you would like to collect your order from our warehouse and the Warehouse Collection has been selected, your order will be ready for collection the week starting the 14th of January 2018 unless requested otherwise. The collection address is 8/199 Champion Road, Williamstown. If you place your order after this date please allow 3 working days for processing before collection unless requested otherwise.

IMPORTANT Please include the students name in the ORDER NOTES section at Check Out.


Williamstown High School Years 7&8 Art Kit

Williamstown High School Year 9 Art, VCD & Sculpture Kit

Williamstown High School Year 10 VCD Kit

Williamstown High Year 10 Visual Art Kit

Williamstown High School Year 10 Photography Kit

Williamstown High Years 10 Ceramics Kit

Williamstown High Years 11&12 Studio Art Kit

Williamstown High Years 11 & 12 VCD Kit